CUDA MapReduce NVIDIA Python

MapReduce on CUDA using Python (and a Discontinuous Galerkin solver!)

As volcore pointed out, there is a library called pycuda, which allows for CUDA programming in Python. It also comes with a nice ReductionKernel class, which allows one to rapidly develop custom MapReduce kernels.

Update: Even better, the same author has published a Discontinuous Galerkin solver, based on the same stuff. This can be used to solve partial differential equations, e.g. for fluid simulations, but also for EM simulations, using Maxwell’s equations.

coding CUDA OS X

No 64bit CUDA for OS X so far

I am still waiting for 64 bit CUDA support for OS X 10.6. As this thread indicates, we might have to wait for a while so far. Maybe I will switch to OpenCL in the meantime? đŸ™‚