Game Gear Shell Replacement

The SEGA GameGear that we revived in the last video gets a new shell! The old one was beaten up pretty roughly. And new shells in all kinds of colours are still made to this day. At the same time I will be replacing the electrolytic caps with small SMD ones. I disliked how the electrolytics were all over the place, making the shell hard to close. However something went wrong in the end, due to my own negligence…

Reviving a Dead SEGA GameGear

I have had this SEGA GameGear lying around for a couple of years. I got it very cheap, because it was sold as broken, for parts. It came with a few games and the TV Tuner. Upon trying it out I noticed the power comes on, but all else seems dead. The GameGear is prone to have very bad capacitors, so that is the first order of the day: recapping! This and a modern LCD replacement are what we are going to tackle in this episode!