Let’s Code x86 Assembly: 0x04 DIV and Debugging

In this episode we learn how to use the DIV opcode for dividing integer numbers, how to print integer numbers to the screen, as well as how to use a debugger to understand what our program does. In all coding tasks looking for errors and understanding what the program actually does is a key aspect. So a debugger (here we use the Turbo Debugger by Borland) is a very useful tool that every developer should know how to use.

The McCake Roland MT32 Emulator

So you always wanted a Roland MT-32. Even as a kid you saw it in ads, and in the setup programs of games. But it was way to expensive. And today you still will pay upwards of 250 EUR for a working device, which is more than 30 years old. So why not emulate it? There is now a Waveblaster compatible module that will fit on many retro sound cards and which is able to emulate the MT-32 as well as SoundFont based GM and GS compatible synthesizers.