Quick Refurb: Zelda Ocarina of Time

Some months ago I acquired a Nintendo 64. It was missing a controller, power supply and games, and since then I got the missing parts as well as a wonky cartridge of “Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. When trying the cartridge it wouldn’t to anything, the screen stayed black. Closer inspection revealed that the edge connector of the cartridge was pretty corroded.

Upgrading the FeTAp 751

I am using an ancient German telephone, which goes by the name “FeTAp 751”, or Fernmeldetischapparat for short. It is a lovely orange 80s piece of equipment. But it has one drawback: it only supports pulse dialing, which isn’t supported by my WiFi router anymore. Since all German landlines use tone dialing by now, I can’t connect this phone directly, but need a converter. That converter used to work on a different router, but doesn’t on this one. So we will swap out the whole numberpad! The German Postal service made a similar phone with tone dialing. And you can still get a tone dialing number block as “new old stock”. So let’s swap it out and see if we can start calling people again!