Is “not None” maybe “Something”?

I just had a funny thought. In Python you can write:

if not someObject is None:
print "someObject is None!"

This reads a bit strange. So what if you could alias “not … is None” to “… is Something”?

if someObject is Something:
print "someObject is None!"

It seems that this idea was thought of almost eight years ago already. This lead to some PEP 0326, which got rejected. If Python were a macro or functional language, you could probably hack something up to do the same thing, but it does not work like that:

>>> Something = not None
>>> Something
>>> A = [1,2,3]
>>> if A is Something:
... print "This is something"
... else:
... print "This is nothing"
This is nothing

The problem here being, that “non None” is immediately evaluated to “True”, since “None” can be implicitly converted to “False” in a boolean sense. Was a funny thought, though.

Update: Turns out you can at least write “if someObject is not None:”, which is more readable.