Let’s Code x86 Assembly: 0x01 Hello World

In my Let’s Code MS-DOS series we already did a little bit of assembly language. However I think it is more fitting if I start a new series on x86 assembly, as I want to keep the original series so that it uses only C and BASIC.
This series will use Oscar Toledo’s book “Programming Boot Sector Games” as a guideline, and we will use examples from his book as a foundation. Many thanks to Oscar for allowing me to do this.
In this first episode we will start off simple, with the classic “Hello World” program.

Rebuilding: Zelda Ocarina of Time

In the last episode we refurbished a corroded “Zelda – The Ocarina of Time” cartridge for the Nintendo 64. After this the cartridge worked fine, however I was not happy with how broken the gold edge fingers on the cartridge looked. So I looked around and wondered: maybe someone designed a replacement PCB for old cartridges? And sure enough: The N64 Preservation Project has PCB designs for the four major cartridge types. So I ordered some PCBs and we can rebuild the cartridge from the ground up!