Atari 2600 Jr: AV Composite Mod (No RF Modulator Box)

About a year ago I acquired a very cheap Atari 2600 Jr. It had only RF output, so I can’t use it on my CM8833-II monitor. A composite mod was required. I decided this time around to get the deluxe mod from The Future Was 8bit and see if it’s worth the extra expense. For extra points, after opening up the Atari, I noticed I have one of the more rare variants without the big metal RF modulator box, but instead have a bunch of discrete components on the board. So where to get the instructions? Luckily never forgets!

Repairing a Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive

Some time ago I acquired a very affordable Commodore 1541 drive. This is the original one that came with the earliest C64s, and it is an absolute unit of a floppy drive. It contains a pretty hefty transformer and lots of metal parts. This device came es untested/defective, and sure enough: both LEDs stayed on after power up. So I took to it to try and get it repaired.