Tivoli Storage Manager: Servername not found

The infamous Tivoli Storage Manager client (a.k.a. dsmc) uses two configuration files: dsm.sys for the system wide configuration, specifying which directories to backup and so on, and the dsm.opt for the backup/restore client. The problem is, if you specify the backup SERVERNAME in both files, this will lead to problems, if they are not the same. So, e.g. I misconfigured the dsm.opt via the dsmj wizard, and had “SERVERNAME myhost” in the dsm.opt, while the dsm.sys said “SERVERNAME something.at.rwth-aachen.de”. The first entry obviously was complete bull, and confused the dsmc, so that it answered “ANS1217E Server name not found in System Options File”. Aligning both entries to the correct, real server name solves this problem.