GameBoy Pocket CleanPower Mod

Since the IPS mod in the previous episode the GameBoy Pocket was intermittently resetting. Mostly when playing Super Mario Land 2, but also in some other games. One hint was that the power regulator, which generates all the voltages for the GBP was not providing enough current. There are modern replacements, such as the CleanPower by Retrosix (no affiliation) that supposedly give a better result in this case. So I tried it out and got a CleanPower for our GameBoy Pocket.

Retro Travels: Karlsruhe Retro Games e.V.

We are back on the road, or more clearly: on the train! And this time we visit the German city of Karlsruhe. It is home to the amazing Retrogames e.V. arcade. This arcade is open every Saturday from 15:00 to 22:00 and hosts an amazing number of arcade and flipper machines.
Moreover we stumbled upon a neat little store called the “Nerdzentrale” in downtown Karlsruhe. Come and see what kind of stuff we found and which games we played!

GameBoy Pocket IPS LCD Display Mod

The GameBoy and the GameBoy Pocket were not known for the best LCD screens ever. Rather the opposite is true. The original GameBoy screens were dim, slow and without backlights. But of course we have modern replacements! Let us install this state of the art IPS LCD screen with backlight and see how it fares. As a bonus we give the GameBoy a fancy Zelda themed shell, some new silicone rubber pads and also a set of new buttons.