Recording MIDI Music onto Floppies

I was asked by a viewer if the Roland SoundBrush that I showed in an earlier episode can also be used to record MIDI music from a PC. And yes of course, it can. With some caveats though! I connected the SoundBrush to my 486 PC and tried a few games. Lucasfilm games were running into buffer problems on the SoundBrush, but Sierra games were playing nicely. Let’s have a look and a listen how you can wire up the SoundBrush, format some floppies and record some MIDI files!

Let’s Code x86 Assembly: 0x06 Tic Tac Toe JMP and CALL

In this episode we learn how to program a little tic-tac-toe game for two human players. No AI, just the input and output and the winning condition! We learn different methods to compare registers and memory locations, different conditional jumps and how to save a few bytes by replacing CALL instructions with JMP.