Let’s Code x86 Assembly: 0x05 Primes and Variables

In this episode we learn how to declare variables in assembly language. Also we learn how to access data from pointers stored in registers. We learn a couple of jump instructions and how to loop. We use this knowledge to compute all prime numbers below 1000 and print them to the screen. As usual this is based on the book “Programming Boot Sector Games” by Oscar Toledo.

Zelda: Majoras Mask Rescued From the Flood

Last time we restored Ocarina of Time to its former glory, this time it’s Majora’s Mask. This N64 cartridge was hit by last year’s flood, which besides hurting lots of people also claimed the less important artifacts, such as retro game collections. Here we have one example of a cartridge that was salvaged by the owner, before he sold it to me, untested. Let’s see if we can clean it up and get it going!