iPhone / iPhoto syncing woes

I just tried to download a couple of images from my iPhone, using iPhoto ’08. No luck. Suddenly the iPhone was not listed anymore in iPhoto! It turned out that something on the iPhone was broken / corrupt. When I looked at the device using the Image Capture program, I got this:
As you can see the devices section lists 24 images on the phone, but the photo list is empty. Deleting the pictures on the device restored the functionality. If you need the photos badly, you can forward them to your email or MobileMe account, and then delete them.
Sometimes it is so much better to just have a plain filesystem with photos, instead of some advanced database, that might break…

Not happy with Qt on OS X…

I really don’t get happy with Qt 4.6 on OS X 10.6. Nokia rates Qt on that platform as Tier 2. Which means, it is not fully supported. This results in stupid things happening. With Licq, I currently have the problem that the whole program crashes with the following message:

+[NSUndoManager(NSInternal) _endTopLevelGroupings] is only safe to invoke on the main thread.

The problem here is that Qt 4.6 for 64 Bit is (rightly so) built using the Cocoa API, instead of the C-only Carbon API. Now it seems that Qt uses the NSUndoManager, which in turn has an undocumented (?) function _endTopLevelGroupings. And as the above mentioned message tells you, it is only safe to call that function from the main thread. Since the qt4-gui plugin of Licq runs in a separate thread, this assertion fails, and the whole program crashes. So this basically means you cannot start up your GUI from a secondary thread with Cocoa based Qt. This, I think, constitutes a bug in Qt.
Update: I submitted a bug tracker item, and erijo is producing a minimal example that will hopefully show the bug in action. Now let’s wait and see.