Bug in ff-find-other-file of Emacs 22?

I am working on a C++ project which is organized such that source files (*.cc) are in some subdir called, let’s say, project/dir1/, and header files (*.h) in a directory called project/include/. Now Emacs has a function called ff-find-other-file, which is able to switch between header and implementation of C/C++ files. If you take a look at the source of this function, you will find another function called ff-get-file-name, which tries the following: first, it looks for already visited buffers, if they contain the appropriate file. Then it will search a certain set of directories, if they contain the file. Last, it will ask to find or create the file in a user specified directory. However, in my case, although both files are already being visited by buffers, the first test (finding the file in already loaded buffers) fails. Actually the offending piece of code looks like this:

(if (bufferp (get-file-buffer filename))
(setq found (buffer-file-name (get-file-buffer filename))))

The problem is that this always fails, and found will always be nil. The filename constructed is not being expanded, as get-file-buffer demands. However, expanding it is useless, since the exact expansion (absolute path) of the searched file is not exactly known! However, you can rework these lines to just look for a buffer whose name matches the file you are looking for:

(let ((b (find-if (lambda(x) (string= (buffer-name x) filename)) (buffer-list))))
(if b
(setq found (buffer-file-name b))))

Note that this will only do a simple string matching. It might happen that for a certain file foo.cc you have to buffers visiting some foo.h. The function will only find the first one. But in my opinion, there is not simple solution to find the semantically correct header file, anyway. So this is still better than the broken solution in Emacs.

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