Zombie Floppy: How To Revive A Broken 1541 Head

The Commodore 1541 floppy drive is a real workhorse, that was used by millions of C64 users. It came with drive mechanisms from different vendors. The Newtronics/Mitsumi drive assembly has the annoying fault to have their drive heads fail due to some wires going open inside of the read/write head. This is so far not economically repairable. However a clever user by the nickname of Ruuudi on German Forum64 has designed a little bodge PCB to make the half of the head that is still okay to all the work and thus revive an otherwise dead drive.

C64 Repair: Bad Color RAM

We already had a C64G on the channel, which was working fine, but was missing some keys and came „only“ with a SwinSID. This time we get a regular brown breadbin C64 with a fault: It’s showing flickery colors. This might be due to two things: Either the 1K color SRAM or the PLA might be broken. One way to find out: open up and replace some chips!

Pimping the C64

A good friend of the channel by the name of matze79 supplied me with a rather cheap C64G. As I didn’t own a C64 at the moment, this was an excellent opportunity. The poort little C64 came with two missing keys, which were fixed by 3D printed replacements. While this looks interesting and is impressive in its own right, I wanted a more long lasting fix. The C64 was also missing its SID chip and came with a nice little SwinSID. But again, we have some better replacement on hand! So let’s open up the machine, fix those things and enjoy the fantastic world of programs the C64 has to offer!